Spain…On The Road Again

Unfortunately for me, this post isn’t about me hitting the road and flying off to Spain again any time soon. However, I think I will enjoy this quite a bit. Last year, Chef Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow traveled throughout Spain to find the best it had to offer in food and culture. I am so excited for this show to air in September! I absolutely fell in love in Spain when I visited in June and I am a big fan of Gwyneth’s. Did you know that she speaks impeccable Spanish? She studied abroad in Spain as a teenager and has maintained her knowledge of the language.

Check your local PBS listings for an exact air date and time or sign up for updates on the show’s official website. In the meantime, make sure to watch the delightful preview I posted above!

8 thoughts on “Spain…On The Road Again

  1. This looks fantastic!!!! I knew nothing about it. I am going to set my TiVo right now!

    I want to know, though…how is Gwyneth able to do this kind of thing when she has two young children at home? I wonder how long she was in Spain.

  2. Paige, that’s pretty funny! Did you notice when Gwyneth called Mario “Batals”? I thought that was cute.

    TTI- Great question! Maybe they stayed at home with Chris? That would be tough. I’m pretty sure they filmed this last year.

  3. Hola! Ran across your blog and I was so happy to learn about this Gwyneth project. It seems like we have a lot in common, I am a Spanish teacher too and Gwyneth is definitely one of my style icons.

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