Sad News: Oak Trees in Houston’s Upper Kirby District are chopped down

My favorite trees in the city (North Blvd. in the Museum District) Fortunately, these were not torn down.

I think I’ve made my love of oak trees pretty clear through some of my previous posts. They are so majestic and beautiful. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and do they add character, they are important for the environment. You can imagine my sadness and disappointment when I read this morning’s news.

Image via Flickr member J-A-X

8 thoughts on “Sad News: Oak Trees in Houston’s Upper Kirby District are chopped down

  1. I cannot believe that! I used to work for MFAH and loved seeing all those trees canopied over Binz and Bissonet and Montrose.

    Ok, now that I’ve read the article, I see they’re not cutting down any of those trees. That’s good but still…leave it to Houston to cut down all it’s gorgeous trees and tear down whatever few historical buildings it has left (ahem, River Oaks Theatre). Ugh. No concern for its history…that’s Houston

  2. It’s a crime, really, Tara. I love Houston, I really do, but this city has absolutely no regard for its history. What little historic character is left is ultimately destroyed. Hopefully, someday Houston will learn to embrace its past like NYC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, etc.

  3. That makes me sick. When one thinks of that area, I am pretty sure the oak tress are one of the main images in his or her head. I am with you on Houston doing a bad job of preservation.

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