Tiny Apartment, Loads of Style

I recently came across the Copy Cat Chic blog thanks to one of my reformed lurkers. Her fantastic blog which sets out to recreate expensive looks at a fraction of the price is completely new to me. Unfortunately, she hasn’t updated her blog since May 8th, but I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll start up again since she really knows how to get the most bang for the buck.

I literally read every single one of her posts and was so impressed when I saw how this teeny, tiny New York apartment had been drastically transformed. Can you believe it’s the same place?! Sure, I would do some things differently. I’d probably go with a different rug in the living area, maybe zebra skin, and I would have chosen a different mirror to hang above the couch. I’d most likely go with a bolder choice for the throw pillows, but the transformation from the way the apartment started out is incredible. Read all about it here.



Images via Copy Cat Chic

10 thoughts on “Tiny Apartment, Loads of Style

  1. I adore that space. I could easily live in an all cream area like that and never tire of it.

    For me, the bones of the place give the interior furnishings an unfair head start. Look at those built-ins and the interesting angles.

    Perfection. I’m keeping these images for future inspiration!

  2. i agree it’s beautiful but it’s just too much seating. i live in manhattan as well (400 sq ft) and know the challenges of living small but think she should create more activity zones other than lounge, eat, sleep. no books?

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