Fashion vs. Furniture

The High Fashion Home Blog recently did a post entitled “Fashion vs. Furniture” in which the author explores the link between the way a woman dresses and the way she decorates her home. Seeing as how one’s home and wardrobe are direct reflections of one’s personality, I found the “Personality Profiles” in the article quite amusing. What do you think? Does your home reflect the way you dress and vice versa?

Images via High Fashion Home Blog

5 thoughts on “Fashion vs. Furniture

  1. My decorating style & choice of clothing definitely correspond. My wardrobe is full of dresses & ruffles & lace & sweet, girly details, and the only thing that keeps my home from being a total girl-palace is that a man has to live in it too (but luckily, he doesn’t mind a touch of pink or ruffles here & there one bit)!

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