Three Years Ago Today…

I married Fabian. Our wedding took place in a four hundred year old cathedral in Monterrey, Mexico. As much as I loved our wedding, I love our marriage even more. Fabian is my best friend in the world and I can honestly say that I love him more each day. The first three years of our marriage have been wonderful and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

14 thoughts on “Three Years Ago Today…

  1. Will you do a post about your wedding? It looks so beautiful and exotic too – why Monterrey ? you know pics and all – I would love to read it!!!

    congrats – we are 20 this year!

    the old hag

  2. Thank you so much, everyone! We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Mockingbird Bistro last night. It was so, so good!

    I will try to do a wedding post soon. I contacted my photographer yesterday to see if he could send me more digital images. We have a HUGE album filled with photographs he took, but very few digital images. He is very into photojournalism and prefers not to shoot digital images. I didn’t give that much thought at the time, but now I wish I had more digital images to share online. I guess I could always use snapshots taken by our friends and family.

    Joni, we got married in Monterrey because my family is from there. I have a very big family and logistically, it made more sense. I’ve loved the cathedral since I was a little girl and couldn’t think of anything in Houston that came close. My grandparents are all deceased and I felt like I would be closer to them if we got married there.

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