SATC Movie Spoilers

The Sex and the City Movie comes out next Friday and I can’t wait! Between the end of the school year, my upcoming trip, and this movie, I am anxious for the days to pass. I was just thinking that I will know so much about the movie going into it, yet I couldn’t resist watching these spoilers this afternoon. Enjoy…or not. You may have more restraint than I do.

3 thoughts on “SATC Movie Spoilers

  1. Of course, I watched the ‘spoilers’…but they really weren’t spoilers!

    When will I be able to see the movie??? The kids are out of school on 5/29, so I will not be able to do 5/30. I may have to wait until the week after it comes out….I will have to avoid the internet and your blog so I am not totally informed!

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