Congratulations, Ferocia Coutura!

If you’re a fan of Project Runway, then you probably watched the reunion show last night and know that Christian won the title of “Fan Favorite” along with $10,000. Christian is fierce and isn’t afraid to let you know it! I think he is incredibly talented (he is 22 and has worked for Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood) and he cracks me up! I’ve kept a list of infamous Christian quotes this season, but you can find all of the clips with said quotes in the video above. He’s definitely got my vote this season!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Ferocia Coutura!

  1. He’s going to win, that much has been clear from the first episode. He just has way too much talent not to win. I just hate his hair do though, that aysmmetrical whatever it is. yuck. He’s made suoh gorgeous clothes, don’t you think? They look couture to me. He’s just incredibly talented.

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