8 thoughts on “This Week’s Quote

  1. Paloma,
    I have found great Venetian mirrors at themirrorlady.com.
    They supplied mirrors for a Phillipe Stark hotel project last year. Well priced too!

  2. I love this picture, especially the rug. Apparently it is made at one mill, who has a special machine to make it, and they charge a huge premium because they are one of the few (if the only?) who makes it. I also love how the sketch is placed above the chair.

    By now, you are back at school. I hope it is going well! When you have a baby, do you plan to be a SAHM? Or pursue your real estate interests?

  3. TTH- I am planning to pursue my real estate interests once this school year is over. I’m really happy about my prospective career change. I’ve always wanted to be a SAHM, but we’ll see what happens once we start trying. I’m hoping to figure it all out.:)

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