Things I Absolutely Love…

For no particular reason and in no particular order, I give you a few of my favorite things…

My husband, Fabian. He is the cheese to my macaroni.
My second love: Travel
I have a strong case of wanderlust.

New York City: I am yet to visit a city as exhilarating as New York. I love everything about it, even the things you probably hate.


Colonial Architecture and Colonial Mexico- There is something so warm and welcoming about it. Plus, it’s just gorgeous.

My favorite flowers: Peonies

Fun, girly movies like The Devil Wears Prada and Prime– I have watched them at least 40 times each on HBO. I even wrote an entire post about Prime over the summer.

Babies- I can’t wait to start a family!

Reality Shows on Bravo- Project Runway, Top Chef, Top Design, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Flipping Out, The Real Housewives of Orange County– Enough Said.

Stately, old mansions in Houston’s Museum District, particularly the Southampton and Broadacres neighborhoods, two of my favorite places in the city.

I would love to know the history of each of these houses.

The Live Oak Trees in Houston’s beautiful, old neighborhoods

The Alamo Drafthouse– I’ve also written a whole post on this place. It’s a 21 and up movie theater which means no bumping into my students and they serve alcohol and great food. If you needed a reason to visit Texas, then this is it. Now go book your flight!

While I love cooking, I really love chopping vegetables. I don’t know if it is therapeutic or relaxing. All I know is that it makes me happy.

8 thoughts on “Things I Absolutely Love…

  1. What a nice post!

    Houston’s Southampton neighborhood…where is this? It looks like North or South Blvd. I thought this area was called the museum district, or Broadacres (the end of N and S Blvd – the area with the HUGE mansions – is Broadacres).

  2. TTI- How do you know about these neighborhoods? That’s so awesome! That area as a whole is called the Museum District, but it is comprised of West U, Southampton, Broadacres, etc. I’m so impressed by your knowledge of the area.Did you ever live here? It is my absolute favorite place in Houston! My pictures of the Live Oaks were actually taken on North Blvd.

    I am pretty sure that I will eventually get out of teaching and go into real estate. My dream is to work for one of Houston’s top real estate firms and sell in this area. *Fingers crossed!*

  3. When I was an undergrad I babysat quite a bit on North and South Blvd! I have never heard the term Southampton, but I was not at all focused on real estate when I was in college. I have such an appreciation for the homes on North and South Blvd now!!! The museum district is one of the loveliest areas of Houston.

  4. I used to carpool with my cousins and they lived on North blvd right about where that picture was taken – on the right side!! I loved that carpool. One day my little cousin announced they were moving, to a house, next to the Meacom fountain – in fact the backyard of the house has a clear view of the Warwick (ZAZA) and the fountain. The side of their house is Main Street – the house is in the first gated community in Houston across from Rice U. Well, I have never been more jealous in my life!!! I was almost mad at her when she was telling me the story of her new house and how she didn’t want to move, blah blah blah – omg – Paloma – drive by there one time and look at the house. It’s new construction but was built as an exact copy of the original owner’s home in the south of France, white stuccoed – it’s a masterpiece, very casual and livable but phenomenal. And no, they didn’t hire me to do the interiors, but they should have. hehe

  5. Oh my, I can’t tell you how much I agree with everything you’ve just said. I loooove travel with all of my heart, and Bravo shows take over my tivo while I too have watched both prime and devil wears prada an ungodly amount of times. You are adorable, and am glad you understand the greatness of the little things.

  6. Joni, your family has owned some amazing real estate! Wow! I know where there new house is. I have always wanted to go in there and look at those homes, but alas, it’s gated!

    Betsy, you’re so sweet. ūüôā

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