More from the Sex & the City Movie: The York-Goldenblatt Family

I’ve been trying to resist the urge to post pictures from the Sex and the City movie because I can’t help but feel that I am ruining the surprise for myself and for everyone else. However, I couldn’t resist posting these! There are just so many of my favorite things in one picture: Charlotte and Harry, Manhattan, a gorgeous couture dress, beautiful flowers, and a lovely door. Surely the adorable little girl must be the baby that Charlotte and Harry adopted from China at the end of the series. I also see Anthony Marantino and Stanford Blatch in the second picture. May 30th won’t come soon enough!

5 thoughts on “More from the Sex & the City Movie: The York-Goldenblatt Family

  1. Oh you must stop! (Don’t stop!) *sigh* I want to see, but I also want to be surprised. I’d like to think that we’ll still love the movie even if we’ve seen so many snapshots.

    Hopefully it’ll be better than the hype. A girl can hope, anyway ūüėČ

  2. WOW! I had not seen these pictures. For me, as a diehard SATC fan, it does not ruin the surprise to see pictures. What I enjoy is the camraderie, the relationship between the women and each other and their city. It is not the plot that I care about as much.

  3. Things that inspire, I completely agree with you. Those are the same reasons that I love the show. I will be there with bells on the day it opens and I’m sure I’ll buy the DVD when it comes out.

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