I Have Issues…

Too many issues of magazines that is! I took this picture of our coffee table (rest assured, I keep them in tidy stacks) on Saturday morning and I’ve added two more to the mix since then. I probably subscribe to more magazines than most people, but I can’t help it. I’m addicted! I currently subscribe to Instyle, Vogue, Allure, Lucky, UsWeekly, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Marie Claire, Town & Country, Domino, and Blueprint. I also purchase a few others at the store every now and then. My husband thinks I’m nuts to which I say “It’s my thing. Let it go.”

6 thoughts on “I Have Issues…

  1. I thought I was alone in my addiction. I can’t stop myself from subscribing…but they come too soon for me to read them all. Fortunately, about once every two weeks I get to have a ‘magazine fest’ day where I catch up. Long live my fabulous mags!

  2. Yes, my name is Me, Myself, and I, and I have an addiction…..I share your pain! I just subscribed to 5 magazines yesterday. I’ve already got piles in almost every room. A good mail day is when I get a nice new glossy cover in the mail.

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